Writing Mechanics Checklist

This piece has been edited for the following:

_____Sentences begin with capital letters.

_____Sentences have correct ending punctuation.

_____Sentences are complete.

_____Paragraphs are indented.

_____Commas are used in compound sentences, and for the listing of items in a series.

_____Quotation marks (where necessary) are used correctly.

_____No contractions are used.

_____Spelling is correct.

_____Unnecessary words, phrases and sentences have been eliminated.

_____Use of common homonyms (there, their, to, too, then, than) is correct.

_____Verb tenses are correct.

_____Subjects and predicates agree and are consistent.

_____Pronouns agree with nouns they replace.

_____Apostrophes are used correctly for possessive nouns.

_____Proper nouns and adjectives are capitalized.

_____Colons, semi-colons, parentheses and dashes are used correctly.

_____Underlining (for italics) is used correctly.

_____First and second person pronouns are not used (unless writing is autobiographical or personal).

_____MLA format is used correctly.

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