If you have not taken the Unit 1: Rhetoric Test, please remember that you need to complete it by this Thursday (one week from the original date).

If you would like to take the test a second time to improve your grade, you can schedule a time as early as Tuesday of this week but must complete the retake by Tuesday, September 25.

A few notes about the retake:

  • You are not guaranteed to increase your score. Your grade for the test will be score you receive on the second try.
  • The notes for the unit are still available in the downloads section of the website.
  • You should consider reading the sample paragraph responses. Those will give you a sense of why your original answers did not receive as many points as they could have.

It’s time for our first essay of the year, which has to be the most exciting news you’ve heard in weeks.

The prompt is located on the downloads page. Please make sure to read the entire prompt and the expectations associated with it. The essay will be due on Sunday, September 2 via Google Docs.

Please share your response (double-spaced, at least 800 words) with me at dpogreba@gmail.com.

There are seven specific things from AP Essay Boot Camp I’d like you to include:

  1. STAMPY intro
  2. Hook, Bridge, Thesis Intro
  3. Concession Structure
  4. Subtopics in Paragraphs
  5. Good Transitions (It’s undeniable that, Despite, Even More Significantly)
  6. 2 Naysayers
  7. Proofreading!

The end is in sight. The exam is on Wednesday, May 16, and you only have a few things left before we finish up.

Essays (All outside of class, due at the start of class)

  • May 10: Analysis 5
  • May 11: Synthesis 1
  • May 14: Persuasion 3


  • May 12 (noon): Three Essay Review
  • May 13 (4 p.m.): Last Multiple Choice Practice

Check out these AP samples for the Marquardt essay here.