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  • AP Lang Class Code: @d2eeff
  • AP Seminar Class Code: @eaa68b
  • Debate Class Code: @9k7fk93
  • Honors English 2 Code: @6bb369

Calendar Link

If you are looking for the summer reading for AP Language, you can grab the information here.

Our final project will be a research paper and a presentation about education reform. Its major components are due the day of the final, and they represent an opportunity to have a voice about the direction of our schools and to work collaboratively to solve some challenging issues.

The assignment sheet is located here.

Additional Resources for Writing a Research Paper

Your collaborative review document is available here. It needs to be completed by the start of class on Tuesday. After that, others can claim your assignment for extra credit and you will receive a zero.

Instructions are on the page right after the table of contents and my sample document (Walden) is a good guide to follow in your work.

The folder of readings is available here.


The calendar for our AP preparation is available on the calendar link at the top of the page and here.

For many of you, these three and a half weeks represent the chance to hone your skills to become ready for the AP Exam. For others, they represent the chance to develop your score from a ‘3’ to a ‘4’ or a ‘4’ to a ‘5’.

Please make sure that you give the essays the time and attention they deserve. While many will be written in class, those outside of class should be treated with seriousness and commitment.

Please try to make it to multiple choice review sessions. The best way to practice for the AP exam’s multiple choice section is to practice the multiple choice section.

Additionally, all of my AP review material is available here.

Let’s get this!