A reminder about the last two days before Thanksgiving.

On Monday, you will take the Latin Roots 10 quiz. On Tuesday, you will take the No Red Ink FANBOYS quiz. Practice for the latter is available here for Period 1 and here for Period 6.

After each quiz is completed, you will have time in class to work on the Things Fall Apart open-book test. If you’ve misplaced the questions for that, they are available on the web site.

If you’re gone Monday-Tuesday, please try to complete the test before we come back from break.

Revisions of the Homegoing write are due Monday for Period 1 and Tuesday for Period 6. Please remember that revisions need to be typed, attached to the brief draft, and have your changes bolded.

Enjoy the break!




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Text the code below to 81010 or (406) 219-0372 if that doesn’t work.

  • AP Lang Class Code: @d2eeff
  • AP Seminar Class Code: @eaa68b
  • Debate Class Code: @9k7fk93
  • Honors English 2 Code: @6bb369

Calendar Link

So many final assessments for the next two weeks:

All the review material for the vocabulary and No Red Ink are available now, so think about doing some studying if you’re not prepared.


Your exam covering Fools Crow is due Thursday at the end of classI would recommend that you work on it before Thursday, but be yourself. 🙂

For the assignment, choose one of the prompts listed here and write a response of at least 600 and no more than 1200 words. 800 great words could get you an A.

Your response should include:

  • an effective introduction paragraph with a clear thesis.
  • a clear argumentative structure.
  • well-developed details that demonstrate knowledge of the text.
  • at least 5 brief quotes from the text.

The prompts are here, too. 🙂

The revisions for the Confederate monument essay are due on Monday when we return from break. Don’t forget to bold changes!

The revision guide is available here.