How is the grading situation going to work?

It should mostly be the same. We’ll have a few changes here and there, but you’ll still have the chance to revise work and submit it.

Will we have a live class every day?

No. I do want to try to preserve the idea of live class because it’s what we do, but I know that it will be hard to sit in a video class every day. We’ll go over some of that tomorrow. And we’ll have options for those of you who miss class. Don’t just sleep in or spend the day on TikTok, though!

How will people tell their grandchildren that a woman eating a bat in China led to a toilet paper shortage in America?

The same way we explain that the flu that started in Kansas gets called the Spanish flu today.

what if there is an assignment that gets sent but for some reason the student doesn’t realize it? How much time will we have to complete an assignment?

Hopefully, you’ve learned by now that I will pester you endlessly about it. 🙂 There will be more flexibility as we are online, but the best bet is to check in with your class page every day at least once.

My WiFi at my moms house at the lake is kinda slow just because we are so far out but I think it will be okay. Also my teams was working but all of a sudden stopped working on my personal computer so I am going to be using my moms where it works. Finally, my current grade dropped 10% when my essay was put in and I did a 3rd revision but it’s not in yet so I am concerned about getting that up to an A again.

I’ll check in on the essay. And we are going to abandon Teams. It’s the worst. 🙂

We will be having a test over existentialism on Friday. It will cover these subjects:

  • Basics of Existentialism
  • Jean-Paul Sartre 
  • Albert Camus 
  • Friederich Nietzsche 
  • Soren Kierkegaard 
  • Andre Malraux 
  • Simone de Beauvoir
The notes are all available here and you may use a single 3×5 notecard for the exam. A download packet in a single PDF file will be available by 4:00 on Thursday and will be available here.

We will be debating nuclear policy in Debate class for the next two days.alt

The three specific topics will be:

  • Should the United States unillaterally disarm its nuclear weapons?
  • Do nuclear weapons deter conflicts and prevent WMD attack?
  • Should the United States ever use nuclear weapons?
Be prepared. And be ready for the debate tomorrow, too.

All of the notes for the globalization unit are located here, in one file. You may bring one 3×5 notecard to use on the test, which will be a combination of short answer and developed paragraph responses.