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AP Language: Wilderness Exam Thursday

The wilderness unit exam will cover these readings: Thoreau: Walden Dillard: Living Like Weasels Leopold: Thinking Like a Mountain and Marshland Elegy Williams: Clan of the One-Breasted Women Abbey: Serpents of Paradise Chief Seattle: Letter to President Pierce All of the readings not in the Norton Reader are available here. You will also be expected […]

Homegoing Potential Question: Honors 2

These are the potential questions for the Homegoing exam. On the test itself, there will be five options to choose from and you will write four paragraphs, each a well-developed response that demonstrates an understanding of the text and our discussion of it. It’s hard to imagine that you could answer these questions in less […]

AP Language Essay 7: Confederate Monuments

Your seventh essay is due on Sunday, December 9 at noon. Please submit via Google Doc and review the notes about Synthesis writing before working on the task. The essay prompt is available in the normal downloads folder. In particular, pay attention to: well-developed paragraph structure (with sub-topics when possible). use of evidence to support […]

AP Language: More Reading for Into the Wild

ome of you have expressed a desire to read and learn more about Chris McCandless after reading Into the Wild. These links are some of the most interesting pieces/resources I have come across. The Cult of Chris McCandless Once More to the Bus The Chris McCandless Example, 20 Years Later Into the Wild Debunked New […]