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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Don has read 0 books toward his goal of 75 books.

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“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“To a teacher of languages there comes a time when the world is but a place of many words and man appears a mere talking animal not much more wonderful than a parrot.”

Joseph Conrad

“Never say anything that doesn’t improve on silence.”

Richard Yates

“We do know that no one gets wise enough to really understand the heart of another, though it is the task of our life to try.”

Louise Erdrich

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Mr. Pogreba

Mr. Pogreba

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Your second essay for AP Language is due Sunday, September 22 at noon. You can download the prompt (and all the rest this year) here. While the structure of this essay will be much like the first essay about high school sports, it will require the use of evidence, so make sure that you download […]

Learn English. Books and textbooks for English studying.

We’ll talk more about how to effectively use these, but if you are working in Google Docs, I highly encourage you to make use of one of these tools before you submit your essays. Hemingway Editor Grammarly Ginger ProWritingAid  

Syllabi AP Language & Composition Honors English II Speech and Debate AP Seminar Vocabulary AP Language Honors English 2 Remind Service Text the code below to 81010 or (406) 219-0372 if that doesn’t work. AP Lang Class Code: @d2eeff AP Seminar Class Code: @eaa68b Debate Class Code: @9k7fk93 Honors English 2 Code: @6bb369 Calendar Link […]

If you are looking for the summer reading for AP Language, you can grab the information here.

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For AP Seminar, we have a slightly new end plan for the year. For each reading assignment, you will be expected to annotate (like a member of a high school AP class) and meaningfully discuss the article for class. If you miss a day of class or do not complete the annotation/discussion, the only way […]