Databases @ Helena High Library

  • JSTOR: a periodical based database with high-quality articles for a wide variety of subjects. Articles contained here are most appropriate for high school junior, senior, and college level students.
  • EBSCO: a collection of multiple databases that pull resources mostly from periodicals. The search interface is not user-friendly, but the resources are high quality, relevant, and current.
  • Opposing Viewpoints: a database with access to multiple viewpoints on a variety of controversial topics. Mostly reference based articles but does include news, magazines, primary sources, and external internet links.
  • Points of View: a database with access to multiple viewpoints on a variety of controversial topics, except POV pulls from periodicals and goes beyond general reference materials.
  • Student Resources in Context: a database that includes multiple viewpoints and topics. This resource is a good place to find relevant reference articles, news and magazine articles, websites and primary sources on a wide variety of topics.
  • ABC/CLIO: a suite of databases geared toward research in the Social Studies areas. A general reference tool.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library: a collection of 75 e-reference books that cover a wide variety of subjects. These reference materials are searchable across all titles or within a specific title.

JSTOR Features

  • Advanced Search: Use the advanced search option to apply the Boolean operators and limiters. Search within results, apply limiters to search results, cite articles, save articles.
  • Text Analyzer: Use any document or text from a website to produce a search using the key terms found most relevant in the text.
  • Topic Search: Within search results, topic links are located below each article. Use the topic links to either expand or narrow your search results. Use the general description of topic in text analyzer to get more relevant results.
  • Workspace: Compile articles found both in JSTOR and other databases or website. Individual accounts are created separate from the institution allowing students to use articles after graduating.

Boolean Search

  • Quotation Marks-use when searching for an exact phrase; can be combined with other search formulas.
  • Parenthetical-a complex search that allows you to combined terms and modifiers. Use parenthesis with AND/OR along with your search term. John Steinbeck AND (Pearl OR Grapes of Wrath). Results will include both works by Steinbeck.
  • Asterisk-use with root, stem, and truncated search terms
  • AND-use when searching for two terms
  • OR-broadens search to include one or more search terms
  • NOT-excludes words from search results. Type NOT immediately before term to be excluded

Lib Guide to Boolean Searching

Detailed Blog Featuring Boolean Operators and Examples

Other Libraries and Resources

  • Lewis and Clark Library: multiple databases, online resources, print collection and interlibrary loan services.
  • Inter-library Loan: Either go to the library and use a computer there to look up materials, or call 447-1690 x100, or email
  • Montana State Library: EBSCO databases, links to MT State Law Library, World Cat, Montana Memory Project, Census and Economic Information, Montana Field Guides, MT Government Archives, and so much more.
  • Library of Congress: includes access to photographs, books, magazines, newspapers, maps, and much more. The digital collections here may be most relevant.
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