The Weeks of Doom approach. This year, the schedule should not be too challenging as there are typically only two essays each week.  We’ll discuss more in class tomorrow, but the expectations for the Weeks of Doom are pretty clear:

  1. Make a good faith effort on each of the essays. Spend adequate time on them, try to improve, and follow the notes and discussion material we have gone over all year.
  2. If you score less than a 3, you need to submit a revision to get full credit for the assignment, but otherwise, each essay will receive an “A.”
  3. No late work will be accepted. If you miss a due date, you don’t get to turn in the assignment.
  4. Unless otherwise noted, the essays will be due at the start of class.
  5. Multiple choice practice sessions are a very good idea. The only way to get better at MC questions (which are 45% of your grade on the test) is to practice.

The calendar for the Weeks of Doom is posted on the class calendar above and you can download the calendar here.

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