Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate are electives classes offered in the English Department. Students can take each class for a semester, full year, or multiple years.

Debate Class

Debate is an elective open to students in all grades. My goal is to help you become a more critical consumer of argumentation and someone whose insight is not limited to sound bites, but in-depth understanding. We are going to learn about the foundations of argument, techniques for persuasion, and tools for evaluating the advocacy of others. In the mix, we might also throw in some philosophy, ethics, current events, great films, and more

Speech Class

Speech is an elective open to students in all grades. There will certainly be more to come later. The primary purpose of Speech class is to provide students will the opportunity to improve their public speaking, organizational, and argumentative skills. In the course of the semester, we will work on speeches that require short-term preparation and those that require careful revision and delivery.
In addition to presenting speeches, students will be expected to be good audience members, paying careful attention to the speeches that other students present and offering constructive feedback.

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