For AP Seminar, we have a slightly new end plan for the year. For each reading assignment, you will be expected to annotate (like a member of a high school AP class) and meaningfully discuss the article for class. If you miss a day of class or do not complete the annotation/discussion, the only way to make up the work will be to complete an EOC A-exam response for the article.

EOC Exam Parts

  • Identify the author’s argument, main idea, or thesis. (one sentence)
  • Explain the author’s line of reasoning by identifying the claims used to build the argument and the connections between them. (one-two paragraphs)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence the author uses to support the claims made in the argument. (one-two paragraphs, but if section 2 is one paragraph, this should be two)

Articles for Discussion

  • May 22: Death Row Reforms May Lead to a Fairer Criminal Justice System

So many final assessments for the next two weeks:

All the review material for the vocabulary and No Red Ink are available now, so think about doing some studying if you’re not prepared.


Our final project will be a research paper and a presentation about education reform. Its major components are due the day of the final, and they represent an opportunity to have a voice about the direction of our schools and to work collaboratively to solve some challenging issues.

The assignment sheet is located here.

Additional Resources for Writing a Research Paper

Your collaborative review document is available here. It needs to be completed by the start of class on Tuesday. After that, others can claim your assignment for extra credit and you will receive a zero.

Instructions are on the page right after the table of contents and my sample document (Walden) is a good guide to follow in your work.

The folder of readings is available here.


The test over environmental philosophy will be on Friday, April 19. You may bring a 3×5 notecard for the test. Please attach it to your completed response tomorrow.

The test will cover: