Good Morning Remix: Enjoy

Enjoy this solid remix of the Good Morning song.

AP Language Revision Guide for Unjust Laws Essay

All the first draft comments will be completed by 6:00 p.m. on Monday in Google Docs and many are already done.

Your revision guide for the essay on unjust laws is available here. Your revision is due in class on Thursday, printed with changes bolded. Only substantial revisions that reflect serious changes will be accepted and no late revisions will be accepted.

While some of you are demonstrating real progress in your writing, there were a number of very disappointing responses in this batch. Please review the revision guidelines and follow those suggestions as well as the comments on your paper when you revise. If you have questions, please come see me.

Model United Nations Meeting Monday, October 9 at Lunch

Those of you interested in Model United Nations should attend a meeting at lunch in Room 14. We have an excellent collection of countries this year, including France, Iceland and Iran.

AP Language: High School Sports Revisions

Your revisions of the high school sports essay are due Thursday in class. A lot of you have big fixes to make that you can begin working on now, the most important being to explain why high school sports have the unique benefits you claim. It’s not enough to claim that sports build teamwork; you need to explain why sports uniquely help develop it.

Try to think about making claims that are not totally obvious. Surprise the reader with an interesting, specific detail or claim they might not have considered. And don’t over-explain claims that seem obvious.

Additionally, I would guess that most of you never read the actual prompt, which includes some excellent evidence that could be used as either evidence supporting your claims or as naysayers you could respond to. Why not actually read it and use it? 🙂

The revision checklist is available here.