Final House Results, Quarter 4 AP Language

The final house race of 2016-17 was fiercely contested before being settled on a day of flying eggs, chased freshmyn and sophomores, and lovely poetry.

4. House Shakesharp: 446

3. House Thortoi: 574

2. House Abbey: 607

1. House Marrowdill: 668.5

Abbey Analysis Revisions Due Monday!

Don’t forget your Abbey revisions are due Monday in class. Please remember to include three parts:

  • your original draft
  • the revision checklist, with the elements you included highlighted
  • your new draft

The quality of these revisions is very important if you’d like to avoid an essay being due over spring break. Please make sure to proofread carefully and to write a well-developed response.

Good luck!

The Most Important Information for Third Quarter: The Four Houses of AP Language

As we move into our second quarter of House competition, it’s finally time to unveil the most important information from the classes. My apologies for the delay!

Click on the image for full-size display.



Criticism of Between the World and Me: Four Articles

If you missed the class presentations on criticism of Coates, these are the articles we discussed in class. Be able to articulate and either support or refute at least three major arguments against the approach used by Coates in Between the World and Me.


For the quiz/test on Thursday, you should be prepared to discuss the text, its critics, and the documentary 13th.

Remind Reminder

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