Debate class section.

  1. Explain Camus’s Myth of Sisyphus and explain how it applies to modern life. What does he say about our existence and how can we resist?
  1. Explain what Jean Paul Sartre meant when he criticized living in mauvais foi (bad faith). What is this bad faith, and how can we live our lives with authenticity? Be specific to Sartre.
  2. Explain Kierkegaard’s conception of faith. Why did he believe it was an existential act?
  1. How, according to Simone de Beauvoir, does society oppress womyn constructing a myth of feminine nature? What are the components of the myth and how does it oppress womyn?
  2. Explain why Nietzsche believed that one could lead a life worth eternal recurrence if one acted as the ubermensch.
  3. Defend or refute Malraux’s idea that art was the path by which humans could resist their fate and the uncaring universe.

Our second debate topic will be on the subject of surveillance by the federal government. Our three topics:

  • Do government surveillance programs work? Are they effective at preventing terrorism?
  • Do government surveillance programs violate civil liberties and/or the Constitution?
  • Should the government have backdoor access to encrypted servers, sites, and devices?

Please be prepared to debate all three topics. You should have evidence and analysis supporting your side on all three topics.


We’ll have a quest over ancient Greek philosophy on Wednesday. It will cover the material from these notes:

You may use a note card for the quest, but the highest grade you can receive if you use one is an 84.


Four questions for debate 1:

  • Is the death penalty racist?
  • Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment?
  • Does the death penalty deter crime?
  • Does justice for victims demand the death penalty?


Security Council

  • USA: Andrew
  • Russia: Kirsten (Expelled 5/20)
  • China: Darcie
  • France: Carrie
  • United Kingdom: Rooster
  • South African: Willem (For African Affairs)

Other nations are located here. Our Secretary General, who will be setting the docket, is Marshall (Syria).

Topic Areas

  • Public Health Developing World
  • Overpopulation
  • Terrorism
  • Space
  • Global Warming
  • Womyn
  • UN Reform
  • Former Soviet Union

Resolution Proposals

Background Information on the United Nations

Information for Class Activity

Document Sharing

Once you have completed your position paper and your resolution, please share them with When you do, please put your name, country, and title in the title of the documents.

Rules of Procedure

Position Paper Information

This is the link for your position paper guide. Every student will need to submit a position paper before the session. Your position paper will need to state your country’s position (based on politics, beliefs, and region) for at least three of the topics being debated. Your position paper should have the following requirements met:

  • No more than two pages in length, 12 pt. font
  • Single Spaced
  • Divided by topic

This is an example of what a position paper looks like.

Resolution writing guide is located here. Key terms for resolutions are located here.