All of the readings and materials for the unit on conspiracies can be found on this page.

AP Language Multiple Choice Practice Sessions

  • April 24: 2pm
  • April 25: 3pm
  • April 29: 1pm-3pm (Vigilante Day)
  • May 2: 6pm (Change)
  • May 4: 7pm
  • May 10: 3:30 pm

AP Literature Multiple Choice Practice Sessions

  • April 24: 3pm
  • April 25: 2pm
  • April 27: 3:30
  • April 29: 11am-1pm (Vigilante Day)
  • May 2: 7pm (change)
  • May 4: 6pm

This link will take you to the assignments, calendars and review materials for the Weeks of Doom.

The notes and materials for The Grapes of Wrath will be available in this folder as we read the novel.

 As we study the political and protest rhetoric in AP Language, the notes and readings will be posted in this folder.