The Last Push Before the AP Exam

The end is in sight. The exam is on Wednesday, May 16, and you only have a few things left before we finish up.

Essays (All outside of class, due at the start of class)

  • May 10: Analysis 5
  • May 11: Synthesis 1
  • May 14: Persuasion 3


  • May 12 (noon): Three Essay Review
  • May 13 (4 p.m.): Last Multiple Choice Practice

AP Lang: Marquardt Analysis Samples

Check out these AP samples for the Marquardt essay here.

AP Language Politics and Protest Readings

In the event you misplace one of these or are absent, these are the readings for the Politics and Protest unit. I will keep adding them as we go along.

Elements of the Lincoln Essay We Discussed

These are the elements we discussed in class.

Some revisions are due Thursday; some are due Friday. You know who.