Bizarre Snow Day Schedule Revisions

Given the somewhat strange snow day, a few revisions to our schedule for AP:

Monday: Sanders revisions still due (in class, attached to old copy and checklist); Vocab #19, reading assignment for Friday

Wednesday: Rhetorical device 2/3 due in class, printed.


Rhetorical Devices Templates

These are the templates you can use for the rhetorical device assignment:


ACT Review and Essay Dates for Second Semester AP

You might want to download these two schedules for the second semester’s essays and ACT review dates to get yourself prepared to dominate the ACT and AP exams.


Traveler Guides for African-Americans

The New York Times has a story today about the motorist guides for African-Americans that we discussed in class last week. Really interesting look at that time.

You can also check out the New York Public Library, which has a digital collection of the guidebooks which include Montana in their later editions.


AP Finals Week Information

As we approach the end of the semester, some dates and information you should be aware of.

Friday, January 12:

  • Read “The Chronicle of the Space Traders”
  • Vocab Quiz 15
  • Revision of Research Papers (printed, with previous drafts attached)

Tuesday, January 16:

  • Vocab Quiz 16 (Redemption)
  • Graded Discussion about Coates, Responses to Coates, Privilege, “Three Miles,” and “Chronicle of the Space Traders”

Thursday, January 18:

  • Revision of Slave Reparations Essays Due by 3:00 p.m. (turned into Mr. Pogreba with old draft and checklist stapled to it)

Good luck!