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Merry Christmas! Research papers make the holiday season brighter.

In the spirit of learning how to write some of these delightful essays this year, I am going to institute a one-time amnesty program for those of you who may have “forgotten” toWriting submit your work through the first seven weeks of the year and a correction opportunity for those of you who have not achieved the grades you might have liked to on the first 3-4 pieces.

The Guidelines?

  • You need to submit the essay to my e-mail address ( as an attachment by Friday, October 21 at high noon. Nothing received after that time or in any other format will be accepted.
  • You may submit any essay we have been assigned this year.
  • If the essay you are submitting is a revision, you need to also include a one paragraph assessment of what you improved in the essay and how you did it. Provide details about what you learned in the process and highlight some weaknesses in the original work. You need to do this for each revision you submit.
  • If the essay you are submitting is brand new, i.e. one you never submitted, you need to meet the minimum requirements of the original draft. In most cases, this will mean an 800 word minimum, clear topic sentences, an argumentative thesis, and an effective introduction.


I highly recommend that you avail yourself of this opportunity, largely for the sake of mastering the skills necessary to be successful as we go forward.

Mr. Pogreba

If you want to get the most important updates for the class and don’t check here as frequently as you should, you can follow the class page on Facebook. Items like assignments, like-facebooknotes, and vocabulary will still have to be located here, but you can be sure to get the most important updates from class on Facebook here.

If you have missed a reading quiz or vocabulary quiz, you need to blog to make it up–within a week of missing the quiz. After one week, your grade for the quiz will become a sad altlittle zero, clouding your grade in the class for now and your GPA for decades to come.

There will be a one week amnesty to get caught up. All blogs can be completed by this Friday for full credit. After that, the grades will change to goose eggs.

Both AP Language and AP Literature will have a quiz over Chapters 1-3 of Fiske Word Power on Friday.