We will have a final exam over the podcast Serial on Monday. The test will require you to answer five paragraphs from the following questions. To prepare for the exam, I would recommend making an outline for each and studying that. Be prepared for the exam on Monday! Good luck!

The questions are below. Click read more.

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Your essay this this week is about the treatment of animals in the United States, and should offer an affirmation of or response to the argument made by philosophy professor Peter Singer, who wrote the following in his book Animal Liberation:

To protest about bullfighting in Spain, the eating of dogs in South Korea, or the slaughter of baby seals in Canada while continuing to eat eggs from hens who have spent their lives crammed into cages, or veal from calves who have been deprived of their mothers, their proper diet, and the freedom to lie down with their legs extended, is like denouncing apartheid in South Africa while asking your neighbors not to sell their houses to blacks.

Make sure to read the entire assignment and its requirements here. Click “Read More” for resources you can use in your paper.

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Your final study guide for Antony and Cleopatra will be due on Wednesday before we take our exam over the play. To prepare, please review your study guides from the previous Acts, paying especially close attention to the paragraph (level three) questions.

The test will include five paragraph responses, one quotation “translation,” and a series of short answer questions from the play. It will also cover the notes on Shakespeare’s tragedies, but not the background material on ancient Rome. All of the study guides and notes are available here.

We’ll review some of the material in class on Tuesday, but you should definitely spend some time studying tonight and tomorrow night.

Good luck!

The Antony and Cleopatra Act IV quiz will be on Friday, when your study guide is due. If you’re missing your study guide, you can find it here.

Remember to complete the quotation analysis section, as it will be really helpful for the exam.

Your college essay will be due next Wednesday in class. Information about the essay is located here.

The entire movie appears to be on Youtube, but I thought I would share one section of the 1974 film version of Antony and Cleopatra, produced by the Royal Shakespeare company.

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