English II: Compare & Contrast Essay Resources

As we begin our work on Compare & Contrast essays, all the resources you’ll need to complete your essay are available on this page.

English II: 12 Angry Men Take Home Test

Your test over the play 12 Angry Men will be a take-home test and due on Monday, October 2 at the start of class. For each day you turn in the test late, you will lose 30% from your grade. The test is a grade worth 150 points.

Your completed study guide will also be due that day and worth 50 points.



Latin Roots and Prefixes Review for Friday

The second Latin roots quiz will be on Friday. This page has the handout of words and roots for your review, as well as a Quizlet you can use for practice.

To Kill a Mockingbird Potential Test Questions

The To Kill a Mockinbird test will require you to answer five paragraph-long responses from this list of questions. On the day of the test, I will give you six questions and and you will choose five to answer. To prepare for the test, please review the book and go back over key passages. High-scoring responses will reference specific details from the text and contain a strong central argument.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Creative Responses

Your next writing assignment is a creative response to To Kill a Mockingbird, with the prompts you can choose from located here.

Everyone should complete at least one of the assigned tasks, but you can receive extra credit for completing a second one.

The assignment is due on Wednesday, April 13.