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AP Language

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Honors English 2

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The final for English II will be on 8:20 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6 and cover the major readings we have worked on this semester, the core writing skills we’ve repeatedly reviewed, and some core grammar concepts we’ve at least mentioned. You must be here for the final!

The study guide for the test is available here.

The test will be worth 5% of your final grade.

The test over “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” will be on Wednesday, May 30. You will receive credit for turning in both your study guide we completed in class and the study guide with thematic questions from the test.

These are the most useful items for review:


  1. Atticus Finch is an unconventional father. How does his relationship with his children differ from many families and how does his style of parenting encourage his children to see the world and those around them?
  2. What does the visit to the black church teach Scout and Jem about black people in Maycomb? How is their culture different from the culture of white people the children know?
  3. Why does Mr. Raymond pretend to be drunk all the time? What does his response to Southern life and society show about the culture and the difficulty living in it?
  4. One of the most important themes of To Kill a Mockingbird is the idea that being in a majority does not make one right. Using at least three examples, demonstrate how the book shows the importance of upholding your own conscience in the face of the majority.
  5. Is it morally right for Atticus to have allowed the lie about Bob Ewell’s death to take place? Should he have insisted that the truth, that Boo Radley was responsible for the death, be taken to court?
  6. Why does Atticus take the case to defend Tom Robinson? Provide at least two reasons and discuss how each influences him to take the case.