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AP Language Propaganda Exam Potential Questions

These are the potential questions for the propaganda exam on Friday. Each should be answered in a thoughtful, specific paragraph of 6-10 sentences that demonstrates an understanding of the text, our discussion, and the notes. Construct an argument in which you prove Chomsky and Herman wrong. Why might their model not work? Be sure to […]

AP Language: Lincoln Analysis Essay

Your next analysis essay, about Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, will be due Sunday, March 17 at 12:00 p.m. via Google Docs. A few important tips for the assignment: Don’t rely on outside research or information, other than references to history that Lincoln is addressing. Be consistent in your tense. Offer a compelling thesis Don’t forget […]

Honors 2 Shakespeare Study

We will have a quiz over the Shakespeare unit on Friday. Be prepared to write thoughtful paragraphs about the language and ideas contained in excerpts from soliloquies from these plays: Mark Antony Henry V Taming the Shrew Hamlet As You Like It

Honors English 2 Rhetorical/Literary Device Assignment 2

Your second rhetorical device is due Monday in class. Ideally, you’ll print it, but you can also share it via Google Docs. Please remember to do the formatting correctly and to take your device from either the Henry V or Julius Caesar speech we read in class. These are the templates you can use for the rhetorical […]