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Tentative AP Seminar Second Semester Schedule

All of the work for the AP Seminar class needs to be submitted to the College Board by April 30, 2019. That means you can continue to work on your papers after the due dates listed below, but they will need to be submitted to me for grading by these dates. Team Project and Presentation […]

AP Language: Last Two Essays of the Semester and Final

We’re down to the last two essays for Semester 1, a revision of the college essay and a new essay about reparations for slavery. Details are below. College Essay Your revision of this essay is due on Wednesday, January 9. Please give it to me in class, printed, with both the original draft and the […]

Honors II Final

The final for Honors II will have three parts. I will link study material here over the next few days: Latin Roots Terms  (January 14) Roots Quizlet Terms Quizlet Compare and Contrast Timed Write (January 7-8) Grammar (January 10) Colons, Semicolons, and Lists Practice Commonly Confused Words, Modifiers Practice Commas for Clarity, Embedding Quotes Practice Subject-Verb […]

AP Lang Essay 8: Is College Worth It?

Your next synthesis essay is about the value of college. The prompt and source materials are available here on pages 2-8. The essay is due on Sunday, December 30 via Google Docs. Assignment requirements: Your response should be at least 900 words and demonstrate a clear understanding of the thesis and topic sentence structure we […]