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Honors 2: American Policing Essay Revision

Your revision of the essay on American policing will be due in class on Friday, January 10. Please make sure to follow the items on the checklist and carefully review the comments I left on your first draft. While we have some work to do, I was impressed with a lot of the first drafts, which […]


AP Language: Last Push Before Christmas

Essays: revisions of your Into the Wild and Coddling essays are due on Friday. Remember to attach previous drafts and bold changes. For Wednesday, make sure to to read “Marshland Elegy.” For Thursday, read “Polemic: Industrial Tourism.” For both, make sure to read carefully, looking for rhetorical and literary devices as well as the arguments the […]

Honors 2 Essay 4: Racism in Policing

Our fourth process essay will be a synthesis persuasive essay about racism in American law enforcement. Your final draft will be due on December 20, the last day of school before break. Key Resources The prompt Sources (scroll down a bit) Notes on Synthesis Writing We’ll be working on the essay in parts over the […]