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AP Seminar: First Research Paper Resources

Your first research paper is due at midnight on Sunday, October 21. The assignment and sample papers Citation Resources Please share the paper with me (giving me access to edit) to dpogreba@gmail.com. Don’t e-mail it or send it to my school address.

Honors English 2: Potential Outliers Questions

In his review of Malcolm Gladwell’s work, Steven Pinker writes, “[t]he reasoning in “Outliers,” which consists of cherry-picked anecdotes, post-hoc sophistry and false dichotomies, had me gnawing on my Kindle.”  Is Pinker’s criticism a fair look at Gladwell’s work? Why or why not? In Outliers, Gladwell argues, “It is not the brightest who succeed.  Nor is […]

Great Gatsby Exam 2018: Potential Questions

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said that “there are no second acts in American lives.” Do the life and death of Jay Gatsby demonstrate this claim or refute it? Does the novel ultimately argue that one can never re-invent himself? Do we have the capacity to become someone entirely new if we commit to the new […]

AP Language: Welfare Revision Information

Your revisions for your welfare essay will be due in class on Thursday, October 4. Please make sure that you have highlighted/bolded all changes, included the checklist, and stapled all three parts together for class. Some additional resources to use: Revision Checklist Topic Sentence and Thesis cheat sheet Naysayers General Persuasive Writing Handout The Comma […]


Honors English II Pile O’ Work

We have a number of deadlines for Honors 2 to be aware of, so here they are: Friday, September 28: Have read the Epilogue of Outliers and be ready for the Latin Roots 1-3 test. Monday, October 1: Outline for Outliers Essay Due Tuesday, October 2: Revision of High/School Middle School Essay Due Wednesday, October 3: Outliers Exam Friday, […]