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Monday Morning Mental Mixes Are Back

If you’ve been telling yourself that the one thing you need from English class is a collection of interesting articles to stimulate thought and provoke discussion, I’ve got you covered. Every Monday morning, check-in at this link (also on the side of the page) for a collection of articles about the world we inhabit and […]

Honors Sophomores Final Review

The review materials for the Honors 2 final are available here: Vocabulary Grammar Part 1 Grammar Part 2 The final for Period 1 is on Tuesday, January 21 and the final for Period 6 is on Thursday, January 23. Be ready!

Honors 2: American Policing Essay Revision

Your revision of the essay on American policing will be due in class on Friday, January 10. Please make sure to follow the items on the checklist and carefully review the comments I left on your first draft. While we have some work to do, I was impressed with a lot of the first drafts, which […]