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AP Language: Great Gatsby Exam

The Gatsby exam will be on Wednesday. You’ll be expected to write two brief essays (2-3 paragraphs, plus a thesis) in response to two of these questions: F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said that “there are no second acts in American lives.” Do the life and death of Jay Gatsby demonstrate this claim or refute it? […]

AP Language Essay 4: Media Sensitivity

Your fourth essay prompt, about the role of the media when it comes to publication of sensitive photos, is available for download here. You can do some thinking about the essay, but don’t start until class on Monday. For reasons. Don’t look up outside information. Write brilliantly. This essay will not be due until 4:00 […]

AP Language: Wilderness and Nature Writing Exam

Below is the list of questions that could potentially appear on the AP Language Wilderness exam. The test will have two portions: one section in which you identify the author of a passage and one section in which you write fully-developed paragraph responses to four of these questions. For the paragraph portion, plan to write […]