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English II Final

The final for English II will be on 8:20 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6 and cover the major readings we have worked on this semester, the core writing skills we’ve repeatedly reviewed, and some core grammar concepts we’ve at least mentioned. You must be here for the final! The study guide for the test is […]

Letter from a Birmingham Jail Test

The test over “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” will be on Wednesday, May 30. You will receive credit for turning in both your study guide we completed in class and the study guide with thematic questions from the test. These are the most useful items for review: Rhetorical device guide Thematic study guide Background presentation […]

The Last Push Before the AP Exam

The end is in sight. The exam is on Wednesday, May 16, and you only have a few things left before we finish up. Essays (All outside of class, due at the start of class) May 10: Analysis 5 May 11: Synthesis 1 May 14: Persuasion 3 Reviews May 12 (noon): Three Essay Review May […]