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AP Language Politics and Protest Readings

In the event you misplace one of these or are absent, these are the readings for the Politics and Protest unit. I will keep adding them as we go along. Henry V excerpt from Shakespeare Queen Elizabeth Patrick Henry Thomas Paine Henry David Thoreau Eugene Debs Malcolm X Ronald Reagan

Weeks of Doom Schedule for MC and Essays

The Weeks of Doom approach. This year, the schedule should not be too challenging as there are typically only two essays each week.  We’ll discuss more in class tomorrow, but the expectations for the Weeks of Doom are pretty clear: Make a good faith effort on each of the essays. Spend adequate time on them, […]

AP Language: Lincoln Revision Guide

The revision guide for the Lincoln essay is posted and will be of use to those of you who are planning to do the Queen Elizabeth optional essay. I’ve had far worse Internet than I hoped on much of the trip so I’ve only left comments on a few essays. We’ll revisit how to approach […]

English II: Confederate Flag Essay

The resources you will need for the Confederate flag essay are all located here. The essay is due at noon on Sunday, March 25. Use your class time wisely. Assignment The prompt Topic Sentence and Thesis Worksheet Sources of Information New York Times Room for Debate White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Why Do We […]