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Debate: Environmentalism Test

The test over environmental philosophy will be on Friday, April 19. You may bring a 3×5 notecard for the test. Please attach it to your completed response tomorrow. The test will cover: Traditional Objections to Environmentalism Thoreau Muir Leopold Carson Deep Ecology Ecofeminism Arguments Against Environmentalism

AP Language: The Weeks of Relative Discomfort Approach!

The calendar for our AP preparation is available on the calendar link at the top of the page and here. For many of you, these three and a half weeks represent the chance to hone your skills to become ready for the AP Exam. For others, they represent the chance to develop your score from […]

Fools Crow Exam Questions

Your exam covering Fools Crow is due Thursday at the end of class. I would recommend that you work on it before Thursday, but be yourself. 🙂 For the assignment, choose one of the prompts listed here and write a response of at least 600 and no more than 1200 words. 800 great words could get you an […]

Lincoln Analysis Revision Material

Your Lincoln revisions (and late first drafts) are due Friday in class. Please make sure to have them printed and attached to the revision guide and, if appropriate, your first draft. First Period Highlights Third Period Highlights Revision Guide