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AP Seminar End of Year Assignments

For AP Seminar, we have a slightly new end plan for the year. For each reading assignment, you will be expected to annotate (like a member of a high school AP class) and meaningfully discuss the article for class. If you miss a day of class or do not complete the annotation/discussion, the only way […]

Honors English II: All of the Finals!

So many final assessments for the next two weeks: Synthesis Essay Writing (May 21-22) No Red Ink Grammar (May 30) Part A Practice (MLA/Clauses) and Part B Practice (FANBOYS, SWABIS, THAMOS) Greek and Latin Roots (May 31) Nature Project and Presentation (June 6) All the review material for the vocabulary and No Red Ink are […]

AP Language: Education Reform Paper and Presentation

Our final project will be a research paper and a presentation about education reform. Its major components are due the day of the final, and they represent an opportunity to have a voice about the direction of our schools and to work collaboratively to solve some challenging issues. The assignment sheet is located here. Additional […]