We’re down to the last two essays for Semester 1, a revision of the college essay and a new essay about reparations for slavery. Details are below.

College Essay

Your revision of this essay is due on Wednesday, January 9. Please give it to me in class, printed, with both the original draft and the checklist attached. If you did not submit the first draft, your one draft will be due in class on Friday, printed at the beginning of class. Given that you will have a full week to revise, unless you make major improvements, you will likely only have one chance to revise.

Slave Reparations Essay

The last essay is about the validity of reparations for slavery and is due on the day of the final. You either need to share your essay with me at dpogreba@gmail.com before your final begins or hand me a printed copy at the start of the final. No late papers will be accepted and you will not have the chance to revise this essay as it is a final for the work we have done the first semester. Everyone must submit this essay.

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