Your next synthesis essay is about the value of college. The prompt and source materials are available here on pages 2-8.

The essay is due on Sunday, December 30 via Google Docs.

Assignment requirements:

  • Your response should be at least 900 words and demonstrate a clear understanding of the thesis and topic sentence structure we have worked on all year.
  • You should have a STAMPY introduction that is no more than 6 sentences, including the thesis.
  • You need to use at least 4 kernels of text from the source material and at least a total of 6 citations (quotes and paraphrases).
  • You must use at least four of the sources in your essay, and may not use any additional outside research.
  • You need to include at least one naysayer.
  • Your essay must have a conclusion that does not merely restate the essay. Advance the intro, tie off the story, develop it into something of interest.
  • Your essay must show evidence of careful proofreading and attention to detail.

In particular, pay attention to:

  • well-developed paragraph structure (with sub-topics when possible).
  • use of evidence to support your arguments, not make them.
  • proofreading.
  • clear thesis statements and topic sentences that show transitions.
  • evaluating the best evidence available to you.
  • making sure that the essay makes a clear argument.
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