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  • @mrpogreba (Twitter)
  • Parents are welcome to visit at any time. Just check in to make sure we are doing something interesting and check in at the office.
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AP Language

  • Books: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer (maybe), The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
  • Other Units of Study: Classical Persuasion, Logical Fallacies Propaganda Education Reform, Satire, Race in America, Wilderness, Politics and Protest, AP Test Prep/Weeks of Doom, Death of a Salesman
  • General Expectations
    • One paper (either new or revision) each week, with new essays typically due Sunday at 12 p.m. via Google Drive.
    • A vocabulary quiz each Friday
    • Research Paper on Education Reform (November-December)
    • Three Weeks of Doom
    • Typically, intense, close readings of 8-12 pages a night. Longer assignments of 20-30 pages/night when we read fiction.
    • No Red Ink grammar instruction
  • AP Exam: $94, May 15

AP Seminar

  • Units of Study: Conspiracy and the American Mind, Student-Selected Unit 2, Student-Selected Unit 3
  • Major Assignments: Individual Research Report, Team Multimedia Presentation, Individual Written Argument, Individual Multimedia Presentation, End of Course Exam
  • Limited Direct Instruction Second Semester
  • AP Exam: The process begins in February, with students completing work through the end of April. There is also a test date on May 7. The test costs $142.


  • Philosophy and Current Events: Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Economic Philosophy, Gender, Justice, Existentialism
  • Speech and Debate: Issue Debates, Mock Congress, Model United Nations, Elevator Pitches, Impromptu Speeches, Interpretation of Literature, Team Debates

Honors English II

  • Major Works: Homegoing, Fools Crow, Anthony & Cleopatra, To Kill a Mockingbird, Outliers, 12 Angry Men, The Underground Railroad, Things Fall Apart, Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  • Other Units of Study: Latin Roots and No Red Ink
  • General Expectations
    • 4-5 pieces of writing each quarter, revisable until the student is satisfied with his/her grade
    • A vocabulary quiz (Latin Roots first three quarters) each Friday
    • Typically 20-30 pages of reading over 2 nights, depending on the complexity of the text.
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