Revision Policy

  1. All revisions are at Mr. Pogreba’s discretion. He may decide that you cannot revise a paper because you:
  • did not proofread your paper carefully.
  • did not make substantial revisions of the paper between drafts.
  • fell significantly short of the requirements of the assignment.
  • violated the sacrosanct ten rules of paper writing.
  • failed to incorporate class discussion/notes about the paper.
  1. All revisions will include previous drafts.

The Ten Rules of Paper Writing

The most important principle to keep in mind is that the paper I receive from you should not be a first, rough draft. It should reflect careful attention and editing.

  1. You will not submit a paper in the incorrect format.  It will be double-spaced, in 10-point or 12-point font. This includes following the naming conventions for your file.
  2. The paper will meet the minimum requirements for words and/or paragraphs.
  3. You will attach all previous drafts when submitting revisions.
  4. You will include a header that provides your name, period number, the revision number, and the date the paper was submitted.
  5. Your paper should have at least an attempt at a clear thesis statement that previews the argument of the paper.
  6. You will not include filler phrases like “I believe”, “I think”, or “I will prove…”
  7. Your paper will demonstrate careful proofreading and editing.
  8. Your paper will not include the word “you” unless extraordinary circumstances arise.
  9. Your paper should reflect all of the suggestions offered by the teacher in previous drafts. If you don’t understand something, it’s your obligation to ask.
  10. The paper will include a works cited page and appropriate in-text citation, if required.

Late Policy

  1. You will have a 30-minute grace period before a paper is considered late.
  2. A late paper can be still be submitted, but you will not be able to revise it for a higher grade, nor will you receive feedback other than a score.
  3. Late papers can be submitted until the end of the quarter with no penalty. Once a paper is late, it must be submitted in a print format, handed to Mr. Pogreba in class.

Sample Header

Sample Student

Mr. Pogreba

Media in War Time Draft 3

04 October 2017

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