We’ve got a number of revisions floating out there this week in AP Lang. The due dates are as follows:

  • Thursday for any straggling civil disobedience drafts and media sensitivity revisions.
  • Friday for welfare revisions.

Plan to spend some time on these. Revisions need to be more than adding one or two sentences in a paragraph. Often, they mean rewriting an entire section or completely developing the argument from a new point of view. Too many revisions of the last set were half-hearted and many included new grammatical and spelling errors that proofreading would have caught.

It’s time to bear down on the essential skills of these essays: crisp, interesting claims supported by both an obvious organizational structure and well-developed proof. Make sure you are putting in the time to make that happen.

Revision guides for the welfare essay are available in the downloads folder and there definitely wouldn’t be any harm in reviewing the guidelines for essays and revisions here.

Tuesday, we’ll talk about some common errors that need to get fixed.

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