1. Explain Camus’s Myth of Sisyphus and explain how it applies to modern life. What does he say about our existence and how can we resist?
  1. Explain what Jean Paul Sartre meant when he criticized living in mauvais foi (bad faith). What is this bad faith, and how can we live our lives with authenticity? Be specific to Sartre.
  2. Explain Kierkegaard’s conception of faith. Why did he believe it was an existential act?
  1. How, according to Simone de Beauvoir, does society oppress womyn constructing a myth of feminine nature? What are the components of the myth and how does it oppress womyn?
  2. Explain why Nietzsche believed that one could lead a life worth eternal recurrence if one acted as the ubermensch.
  3. Defend or refute Malraux’s idea that art was the path by which humans could resist their fate and the uncaring universe.
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